Home Care Professional 4


This course will prepare online students to employ skills needed in the workplace. The course is presented in two semesters.


Semester 1 describes an overview of the roles and responsibilities of home care professionals, including person-to-person communications, working with customers, considerations for clients with specific needs, maintaining nutritional needs and healthy home environments, and methods for dealing with emergencies.


Semester 2 discusses aspects of personal care and hygiene for home care patients, including first aid, skin care and muscle maintenance, and the administration of medications. It also discusses how to care for individuals with specific ailments and methods for recording vital signs and documenting observations.



1 Credit 



Home Care Professional I

Home Care Professional II

Home Care Professional III


Semester 1

  • Home Care Professional IV: Semester 1 Pretest
  • The Home Care Career Field
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Home Care Professional
  • Home Care Organizations and Programs
  • Home Care Person-to-Person Communications
  • Home Care Customers
  • Considerations for Special Clients in Home Care
  • The Human Body I
  • The Human Body II
  • Providing Nutrition and Fluids
  • Buying and Preparing Food
  • Foodborne Illnesses
  • Maintaining a Healthy Home Environment
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness
  • Medical Emergency Awareness
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Home Care Professional IV: Semester 1 End of Semester Exam


Semester 2

  • Home Care Professional IV: Semester 2 Pretest
  • First Aid
  • Controlling Infection
  • Patient Grooming and Hygiene
  • Maintaining Skin and Muscle Integrity
  • Transfer and Ambulation
  • Caring for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
  • Infant and Toddler Care
  • Caring for Individuals with Epilepsy
  • Caring for Individuals with Diabetes
  • Caring for Individuals with Vertigo or Dizziness
  • Caring for Individuals with Depression
  • Caring for Individuals with Digestive Disorders
  • Medications
  • Reading and Recording Vital Signs
  • Documenting and Reporting Observations
  • Home Care Professional IV: Semester 2 End of Semester Exam

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