Food and Hospitality 4

This course addresses career skills for food and hospitality service professionals. It discusses the work environments found in the field as well as attributes of individuals who pursue careers within the field. It also discusses important food service concepts.


Semester 1 provides an overview of career opportunities and characteristics of people who choose the food and hospitality service field. It also discusses basic skills for food service professionals.


Semester 2 focuses on food safety issues, including foodborne illnesses, proper food preparation and storage, and HACCP management system. It also addresses facility cleanliness and sanitation procedures.


1 Credit


Food and Hospitality 3


Semester 1

  • Pretest
  • The Food and Hospitality Service Industry
  • Food & Hospitality Service Work Environments
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Personal Preparation and Attributes
  • Personal Safety
  • Food Preparation 1
  • Food Preparation 2
  • Food Preparation 3
  • Storage and Disposal of Prepared Foods
  • Food Protection
  • Food Security
  • Responding to Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
  • Dealing with Incidents and Emergencies
  • Food Service Weights and Measures
  • Food Service Math
  • Hospitality Industry Jobs
  • End of Semester Exam


Semester 2

  • Pretest
  • Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Foodborne Illnesses 1
  • Foodborne Illnesses 2
  • History and Scope of U.S. Food Service Regulation
  • Receiving and Storing Food Items
  • Food Danger Zone and Food Preparation Processes
  • Food Preparation Processes 2 and 3
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) 1
  • HACCP 2
  • Establishing Limits and Monitoring Procedures
  • Corrective Actions and Verification Procedures
  • Keeping Records and Applying HACCP in Retail Establishments
  • Food Service Facility Requirements
  • Food Service Facility and Equipment Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • Controlling Vermin in Food Service Facilities
  • End of Semester Exam

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