Child Care and Education 1


This course will prepare online students to employ skills needed in the workplace. It also discusses aspects of cognitive development in children. The course is presented in two semesters.


Semester 1 describes an overview of basic personal, professional, and self-management skills, including setting goals, professional communication skills, and time management and stress management techniques.


Semester 2 discusses aspects of cognitive development in children, including the stages of cognitive development, enhancing intellectual development, and assessing children’s development.


1 Credit


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Semester 1

21st Century Education

Understanding Self-Esteem

Setting Goals

Professional Uses of Technology

Security in Technology

21st Century Written Business Communication

Time Management Overview

Stress Management Overview

Anger Management Overview

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Communication in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Awareness Overview

Ethical Behavior

Child Care I: Semester 1 End of Semester Exam


Semester 2

Stages of Cognitive Development in Infants

Stages of Cognitive Development in Toddlers

Stages of Cognitive Development in Preschoolers

Child Oriented Spaces

Special Interest Centers

Methods for Enhancing Intellectual Development

Early Literacy

Language Development

Discovery of Math

Teaching Science to Young Children

Early Childhood Programs for Multilingual Children

Encouraging Parental Involvement

Assessing Childhood Development

Child Care I: Semester 2 End of Semester Exam

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